Addison Schuster
"A jack of all trades, master of none. But oftentimes better than a master of one."
I'm Addison Schuster, a 19 year old with a passion for creating digital media in any form. Proficient in Video Production, Acting, and Story-Telling.
Performing and technology are undoubtedly the two things that shaped me into who I am today. As such, the two have been intertwined since I was a kid. I made my first website with my Dad when I was 9 and it was all about a comic book series I had created. I started uploading videos to YouTube to share with friends when I was 10. The bond between being creative and using technology has always existed to me. That's why I am interested in NYU's Interactive Media Arts program.
I spend most of my time making vaguely educational YouTube videos, researching and writing scripts for videos I want to make in the future, and falling down the rabbit hole of whatever GitHub topic I'm interested in at the moment. Currently it's text generation that utilizes machine learning.
Besides that, I enjoy re-watching my top 3 movies, talking about crypto currency, listening to music, and reading the unusual articles list on Wikipedia.